Beth Din

Beth Din (House of Judgement) finds its beginnings with the biblical injunction for communities to establish a Beth Din for the purpose of administering Jewish Law. Jewish Law recognises the legal system of Scotland and often incorporates it into Jewish Law as being the system of law governing a dispute, there is an overriding duty to bring a civil dispute before a Beth Din to ensure that the case is decided within the parameters of Jewish Law.

Our Personnel

For a Beth Din to be fully constituted a quorum of three Dayanim (Judges – sing. Dayan) is required. Hebrew Synagogue incorporates a full-time staff of no less than three qualified Dayanim but can draw from associated Rabbis, where required to accommodate additional needs. In addition to our advisory staff, we have a full complement of other staff that fulfil roles within our office, inspection teams and other ancillary needs.

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