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Questions & Answers


1. Why should my business or factory obtain a Hechsher?

A Hechsher or "prior approval"; plural: hechsherim, is a Rabbinical product certification, qualifying items (usually foods) that conform to the requirements of Halakha.

2. How does the process begin?

Make the initial request through this website and we will contact you and provide with the guidelines and an application form. At this point, due to the sensitive nature of the information that we will exchange, we will enter into a confidentiality agreement with you.

3. Following your receipt of our application and application fee, what can we expect?

We will begin the process of an audit of the systems and products used by you to deliver the products that you wish to have certified. This will be followed by a visit by a Dayan of the Beth Din or a senior Kashrus Consultant, who will check that the disclosure of the ingredients was correct and fully-comprehensive and that a full understanding is gained of all heating processes including temperatures at various stages and as mentioned above, the possible use of condensate return. Questions will be asked concerning all other activities that take place on-site even if they do not involve the actual Kosher production and similarly information will be sought regarding the other activities that you carry out on other sites as well as activities that may be carried out on-site for other companies. A visit will be made to the storage area and packaging area to gain a full picture of all activities.

4. Once the protocols are agreed, when and by whom is the Mashgiach appointed?

A Mashgiach is a Jew who supervises the Kashrut status of a Kosher establishment. A Mashgiach may supervise any type of foodservice establishment, including slaughterhouses, food manufacturers, hotels, caterers, nursing homes, restaurants, butchers, groceries, or cooperatives. Hebrew Synagogue's Beth Din will appoint the Mashgiach and he will usually work as an on-site supervisor and inspector, representing Hebrew Synagogue's Beth Din who actually makes the policy decisions for what is or is not acceptably Kosher.

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